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    Almost done with my first ever cycle!

    So I have been taking test enanthate and EQ for about 8 weeks and i gained 10 lbs, am hard as shit, but holding a little bit of water...I feel as though i should have gained a little bit more weight but i also feel i havent been taking in enough carbs....i eat really well...lots of fruits and veggies and about 220-250 g's of protein a day....i have about 5 weeks left. Do you guys think i am making sufficient gains or do you think i should have gained more...anyone's advice would be nice....thanks for listening.


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    Remeber to increase your daily intake on account of your new gains. Doesnt sound bad though for 5wks.

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    what your doses for each agent?

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    How much weight you gain is not always indictive of how much muscle you gain. You could have gained 20lbs of muscle and lost 10lbs of fat, hence a 10lb weight gain. I am not saying you did, but it is a possible, and maybe likely if your diet is right on. The more important question, how do you look?

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    If you dont think that you have been takin in enough carbs then you should start takin in more of them.

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    eq tends to keep the water retention to minimum, so imho youre in decent shape there.
    keep in mind eq isnt a huge mass building steroid . when i run this combo (eq-test enan) i dont really gain a lot of weight per se, but i harden up and my strength increases dramatically.
    look in the mirror bro..........if youre looking leaner, and getting stronger, youre on the right path. scale weight isnt always indicative of how well your cycle is going.

    peace I4L

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