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    Last cycle failed, starting another... Advice???

    So my last cycle was 250mg test cyp for 6 weeks, then 500mg for the last 6 weeks. No AI. SERMS on hand.

    So I had great results for 80% of my cycle, toward the end I really regretted not using an AI because I started bloating up with fat, etc. I couldn't get the AI dialed in and I was starting PCT anyway so I just started running Nolva early to bind to the Estro receptors.

    I had some fat gain and I'm seeing that even after waiting months after PCT I'm going to have to do something to correct this problem.

    I'm thnking about running another cycle complete with blood work, just to get a few months of my hormones back in balance. I almost regret doing this at all. I didn't find this website until after my "friend" had introduced me to test with his retarded protocol. He didn't need an AI but unfortunately I did...

    I haven't felt right. Any advice would really be appreciated. I'm thinking about going on and staying on with TRT, I'm just not happy like this...

    It was actually a family member, he needed money so he pitched me the sale of my first vial, talking it up and I did experience positive effects but as soon as any problem started my "friend" family member would just disappear and stop responding. I was left to fend for myself after trusting this family member, which I realize was my mistake.

    Can someone help me get my body back?

    So the "repair" cycle: evolutionary has suggested this to combat Gyno.
    Evolutionary Anti-Gynecomastia Cycle:

    Week Letrozole Nolvadex Dostinex N2Guard
    1 1.25mgs/ED 40mgs/ED 0.25mgs E3D 2 caps AM+2 caps PM
    2 1.25mgs/ED 40mgs/ED 0.25mgs E3D 2 caps AM+2 caps PM
    3 2.5mgs/ED 60mgs/ED 0.25mgs E3D “same”
    4 2.5mgs/ED 60mgs/ED 0.25mgs E3D “same”
    5 1.25mgs/ED 40mgs/ED 0.25mgs/week “same”
    6 1mg/ED 20mgs/ED 0.25mg/10 days “same”
    7 1mg/ED 20mgs/ED None “same”
    8 0.5mgs/ED 10mgs/ED None “same”
    9 0.5mgs/ED 10mgs/ED None “same”
    10 0.25mgs/ED 5mgs/ED None “same”
    11 0.25mgs/ED 5mgs/ED None “same”
    12 0.125mgs/ED 5mgs/ED None “same”
    13 None 5mgs/ED “same”

    Advice? Anyone help me get my body back?
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