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    The Official "I want to be involved in testing QV test enan batch 007" Thread

    As the title indicates, there are still a fair number of people who would like to reputably test the QV enantate batch 007 to determine if it is in fact underdosed as numerous members of this board and a few others suspect. This also seems pertinent given that there arise several new posts each week indicating that someone is unhappy or otherwise frustrated with a cycle including this batch. I do not, however, wish to approach the mods whom have been indicated as the guys to talk with in this situation (regarding not only testing facilities, but how we might collaborate without compromising identities) and waste their time if in fact we do not have a committed group of members willing to actively participate in this.

    Accordingly, "this" is the official thread wherein you can either openly indicate your willingness to participate or PM me with such an inclination. Whether you might be able to "help" defray the costs or donate a sample to be tested solely in the name of academic research, your help would be greatly appreciated (particularly as there are suspicions that the dosing issue might vary from bottle to bottle...thus multiple samples, why expensive, may be ideal). Please don't misconstrue this as a solicitation, nor is your response going to be taken as a total commitment to this cause that will be considered at all binding. Any and all help in ANY form is appreciated. Thanks.

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    I will gladly contribute funds for the cause. Let me know the details when more people have committed.

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