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    My first use of AAS plus questions about aquiring AAS in Europe


    I want to use AAS. I have decided to not use AAS if I cannot buy the products myself from a real pharmacy. I want products that are made by a real pharmaceutical company. Are Bulgaria and Turkey good places to buy AAS and PCT-medications? In which of these countries is it easiest to buy Testosterone Enanthate , Novaldex, HCG and Clomid? What do you think the price is for 3000 mg (250 mg X 12 weeks) Testosterone Enanthate ? What is the price for Novaldex, HCG and Clomid? Have some of you been in these countries and bought these medications?

    When it comes to my planned AAS-use i consider something like this:
    250 mg Testosterone Enanthate (intramuscular injection) per week during 12 weeks and then I will have a break from all AAS. My break will be at least 16 weeks long. After the cycle I will go through a traditional PCT-program with Novaldex, Clomid and Hcg. What do you think about this?

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    Maybe you should try reading the rules>No money talk!

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    ABC after you take some time and read the rules, take a look at this thread for when it's time to cycle. Follow it to the letter.
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