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    Test After Winstrol

    I have been taking only Winstrol by itself for about a month now. I have had very good results, slimmed down and dick hard all the time. I read somewhere that one must take test E or the like for a few weeks after winnie to avoid natural production decreasing, some take test before winnie for the same reasons as well they say. Is this true, and should I be taking test at the same time as winnie, or is ok for me to just take the test after I am finished the winnie, if that is even necessary?

    So before winnie? during? after? before and after? before, during and after?

    Thanks Bros

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    Winstrol will suppress your natural test levels.

    Injecting testosterone will suppress your natural test levels.

    Stop your winstrol, run your pct and educate yourself with the stickies before you cycle again.

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    While I agree with BiB main point, I'm not so sure I agree that you should stop your cycle right away. Reason why I'm leaning towards not ending it right away is because I don't think you should stop and do a new one very soon, but rather do a 6-8 week cycle and wait the appropriate time before doing a new one.
    And I believe you'll wait longer before doing a new one if you get something out of this one.

    So to answer your question;
    Yes, include test right away. Since you've already started opt for testosterone propionate , and use it for the rest of your cycle.
    I hope you also have included hcg and have SERMs (nolva, clomid) and an AI on hand. I'd you haven't included hcg then id stop the cycle after no longer than 6 weeks (or right away), and do PCT with nolva/clomid.

    If it will take time for you to acquire the test prop then end this cycle at no more than 6 weeks and do PCT.
    If you can throw in test prop, remember that you also need an AI.
    In worst case scenario you can run the test prop at a low dose of say 100mg pr week without an AI and rather have nolva on hand if you feel gyno,
    but in that case end the cycle at 6 weeks.

    There are only bad options available to you at this point,
    either stopping the cycle right away as BiB points out,
    Or trying to get a little more out of it as I'm trying to explore.
    i kinda doubt you have all the necessary drugs for doing a cycle,
    like AI (arimidex ), hcg (which u should have used all the time up to this point),
    and PCT drugs.

    A 4 week cycle shouldn't be that hard to recover from, (but worse without PCT or hcg though), so I'm very drawn towards just advising you to quit the cycle now as BiB says.

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    HCG PCT?

    How long to do test if I started at this point?

    Thanks Bro

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