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    philip babushkin is offline New Member
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    Feb 2017

    Unhappy How to get my steroids ?

    Hey Currently i have been looking a lot into steroids and have been working out for 4 years now and am 21 years.
    I am finding it very hard to buy steroids online and my gym is a local cross fit gym and no one there uses steroids.
    Ive been online legit websites that sell roids that i need but to buy them is a very challenging step and i have tried to find ways to buy online steroids internationally but my moneygramm does not work and my coin base account only allows 50$ worth of bit coin purchase witch is not enough. Basically i cant buy any steroids from online and use my debit card like a normal purchase. So i need help, anyone who has a link or know someone that i can talk to that will sell me legit real steroids and at a decent price that does not have me trying to figure out how to send money or transfer it and etc.

    Please ive been looking for six months this sucks that its this hard to get roids
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    Back In Black's Avatar
    Back In Black is offline Beach Bodybuilder ~Elite-Hall of Fame~
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    Mar 2006
    Oh dear. Ever heard the phrase 'a fool and his money are easily parted'?

    You are begging to be scammed, remove all personal info from your post before it's too late.

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    Capebuffalo's Avatar
    Capebuffalo is offline - MONITOR -
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    Oct 2011
    Defiling Myself
    Are you insane? Take your name and number off

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    boisebeast is offline Member
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    Feb 2012
    In all my years here I've never seen a thread quite like this LOL

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    Jonbana is offline Member
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    Aug 2016
    Whats wrong with people ?

    he goes to a gym and thinks everyone there does not take steroids ? he has no clue whats going on in this world

    nvm this now lol

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    yoyolmc is offline New Member
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    Apr 2018
    As a result, thousands of athletes and bodybuilders, most of them amateurs have started using anabolic steroids .

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    < <Samson> >'s Avatar
    < <Samson> > is online now Neurologically Intact
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    Feb 2012
    AZ Side
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    Looks all GTG

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    i_SLAM_cougars is offline Banned- for my own actions
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    Feb 2014
    Interesting first post on a year old thread

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    almostgone's Avatar
    almostgone is online now AR-Platinum Elite- Hall of Famer
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    the lower carolina
    There are 3 loves in my life: my wife, my English mastiffs, and my weightlifting....Man, my wife gets really pissed when I get the 3 confused...
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