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Thread: HGH and TEST E cycle

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    Hgh 2 iu 5 on 2 off
    Test E 500 mg week 2sht per week

    is it perfect for lean gain
    Plz Gayz help me
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    Of course they'll help. But the reality is it all depends on your training and nutrition.
    Have you run either of these compounds before?
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    razaa4488 is offline New Member
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    Feb 2017
    yes bro I use other steroids before

    and Diet low card high protein
    I want off season lean gain plz suggest me bro what can I do

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    If you are trying to gain off season, you should increase your carbs. Carbs aids in the muscle building process. I normally take in 40% to 45% in complex carbs off season. 30% in protein and 25% to 30% in fats. Carbs give you lots energy to push hard during workout and supplies the glycogen you need to recover after workout. HGH is a great compound but it's not really good to put on muscle. 2iu 5/2 isn't much HGH. I would save your money and look at spending your money on more quality food. The 500mg Test/wk along with a good diet should give you good results.

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