Ok so I'm new here so be patient. I'm 42, just started working out seriously a year ago and changing how i eat. I was 223 when i started a year ago, now im 176. I work out 5 days a week and do HIIT every 3rd day. I got ripped off once on Facebook trying to buy my 1st cycle, but I think I found it locally. I want to add muscle but get even leaner and possibly get my body fat down to less than 7%. I did a little research and was gonna do a 12 week cycle of testovirone, and take winstrol the last 4 weeks, with arimidex around if i need it. What would any of you recommend for a safe but impressive 1st cycle and I'd like some feedback on what i need for pct, and when to do that. Thank you and sorry its so long lol 💀