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    Help with forum

    I have been using this forum for information for a while now, and just recently again joined. In the past I just read, and I anticipate that will likely be the case now. It seems like there is little need to post much, as most anything that could be asked, has been. I read posts and constantly see the response "look in the forums, this has been covered already". I completely get that. Ive been reading this forum for years, and previously when I was a member seeing how new guy questions received ridicule I was apprehensive about ever posting. However when some of the benefits of this forum are directly related to the number of times you type something, it becomes difficult to see how I could ever get to use some of these valuable benefits. Just as in the past, you guys are a wealth of knowledge and that's why I love being a part of this forum. But I read your posts and use it for research and to expand my own knowledge, and I don't want to just make simple replys to hit a number of posts, and as a new guy to the forum I wouldn't post my opinion regarding most things. Any advise?
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    This forum's designed to bring on discussion. IMO, there's no one perfect way to run AAS. There are a lot of variables to the cycle. We welcome people ideas and experience. There are other areas that you can contribute such as diet, exercise, over 40, etc. forums. It just take a little time to get familiar and to make contributions. Jump right in.

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    I think its more so when the questions are redundant and not specific to that person is when tye "ridicule" comes into play. The questions like, whats the best cycle to get big I'm 18 years old and want to get girls, or first cycle orals only help, or shit like that that makes it obvious the person hasn't done any research.

    I joined this month post often but I've also done my research and try to ask questions in order to get clarification on things i didn't understand or to give feedback, I've gotten shit from people but I also don't take it personal because it doesn't bother me

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