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    I'll try to keep this short. I'm 5'7" 175lb around 10% bf. I have plenty of gym experience, but didn't in the past. I ran sust and eq for 5 weeks when I was 24, loved it great results. Ran tren alone a year later, hated the stuff. My question... I am doing a physique show in 5 months (July). I'm thinking about running test e and masteron e. What are your thoughts? What dosage should I use, should I use an AI on cycle, and should I stack nolvadex and clomid pct? Just want a little help getting in stage shape. Thanks!

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    You need to research a lot people can't spoon feed you information. I didn't hear anything in there about hcg or an ai. Those previous cycles were train wrecks you should be doing test only seeing as you've never done a real cycle.

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