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Thread: fina questions?

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    fina questions?

    I was wondering is 15 cc of fina (75mg)good enough for 6 weeks? and is it worth 125 canadain? I am planning to do test prop and fina for mass cycle! I only want to gain 10-15lbs thats all before cut cycle. then I am planning to go to spring break cycle of eq or fina /winny/clen /cytomel . For my second cycle should I do eq or fina? if I get 30 cc of fina it is alot cheaper then 15 cc of fina and 10 cc of eq! this way I will do 15cc of fina for mass cycle with test prob and 15cc fina wih winny and t-3 and clen for cut cycle!
    any comments will be appreciated! thanks.

    stats 5-10
    7-8% fat
    current cycle and loving it winny/clen/t-3
    history cycle: sustenon250mg good gains first cycle.
    2nd cycle deca /winny/test did not like this cycle too much bloat! although I did gain about 25lbs.

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    Hey bro, 15cc of fina if ur injecting ed would only last u 15 days. Not long enough. Ud need about 8 weeks worth for a good cycle. Good luck!


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