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Thread: Test E and Tbol second cycle check

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    Test E and Tbol second cycle check

    Hey guys, just ordered in all the products I need for my second cycle and was looking for some help planning it out. I want to gain muscle but not look overly bloated or gain too muc to where it's hard to maintain off cycle.

    My stats are:

    Age 21
    Height 6'0
    Weight 175lb
    First cycle was 8 weeks sustanon 250 at 500mg/wk no pct

    As you can see my first cycle was a shit show. I did it with a friend and fucked up and couldn't get a hold of pct when I had to end my cycle early along with no AI. I have purchased an adequate amount of Adex, Nolva and Clomid this time along with Tbol and Test E of course. My plan was to run it at a low dose of test e for a very mild cycle but I have no idea what to do for pct kn this kinda cycle so help would be appreciated!

    Test e 300mg a week for 12 weeks
    Adex .5mg eod for 14 weeks
    Tbol 30mg ed for 8 weeks

    pct ???? have nolva and clomid on hand just don't know what to do for it

    Lemme know if you think I should go for 400mg of test e or 300 I really want to keep most gains off cycle and not get too huge.

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    Here is some reading for you

    If you still want to run a further risk then post your plan in full for critique.

    Oh, and you really are light, you won't gain anything if you don't eat enough

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