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    No Mistakes Cycle!!


    Please critique/advise me on the following cycle. I dont want to screw this one up. Its third cycle in 4 years and I want strength and bulk.

    Week 1 - 250 mg Test Cyp
    Week 2 - 250 mg Test Cyp
    Week 3 - 500 mg Test Cyp + 160 mg Tren
    Week 4 - 750 mg Test Cyp + 240 mg Tren
    Week 5 - 750 mg Test Cyp + 240 mg Tren
    Week 6 - 750 mg Test Cyp + 240 mg Tren
    Week 7 - 500 mg Test Cyp + 160 mg Tren
    Week 8 - 500 mg Test Cyp + 160 mg Tren

    Nolvadex on hand
    Clomid Therapy 2 weeks after cycle.

    One Question: I have 200 oral d-bol tabs 5mg each, when is the best time to start taking and how many a day?

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    why are you starting the CYP so low wks 1-2?
    IMO just run it 600mg wk straight thru.

    take the D-bol at the front end of the cycle, 30mg ED for wks 1-4.

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    no need to pyramid doses bro

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    wks 1-4 35mg Dbol ED
    wks 1-10 500 Test/wk
    wks 6-13 75mg Tren ED

    Clomid wk 14

    Run anti-es entire cycle

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    not too far from you
    imo the tren is dosed too low to have much effect this wonderful drug has. if you do eod inj then you break down looks something like this:

    week 1 300mg = 3shots
    week 2 400mg = 4shots
    week 3 300mg = 3shots
    week 4 400mg = 4shots
    ...and so on...

    my q's is how do the break down on the tren milligram?

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    The Tren stings way to much to take every day and its dosed at 80 mg/ml. Mixing it with the cyp shots ease the pain tremendously.

    I will try 500mg week 1-10 of cyp and add a shot of tren to each injection through weeks 3-10. I will start off the d-bol 35mg ed until its gone.

    The tren is just too powerful to take everyday and the pain is unbearable!!

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