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    Will anyone share their source where to get test cyp online?

    I will be using this for trt purposes to put me back into normal ranges, I have been diagnosed as hypogonadism aka low t and am going to self medicate and keep up with my own blood work. I am in need up a new supplier so if anyone could help a brother out and shoot me a pm! Thanks

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    READ THE RULES! you are setting yourself up too be scammed.Read our ULG section.

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    No we don't allow such talk sorry and if anyone did reach out to you they will most probably scam you. This isn't a source board sorry.

    *Anyone wanting a source check from a willing vet/mod must first acquire 100 posts and 45 days of activity*

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    Your doctor wont prescribe? Hard to keep getting the same gear dosage gear all the time for trt unless pharma.

    Disclaimer-BG is presenting fictitious opinions and does in no way encourage nor condone the use of any illegal substances.
    The information discussed is strictly for entertainment purposes only.

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