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Thread: Missing a shot while on vacation

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    Missing a shot while on vacation

    I'm on TRT doses of prop, and basically flying from Thursday-Monday morning. My shots will fall on Thursday, Saturday, and Monday, so I'd be missing my shot on Saturday basically.

    1) does it matter
    2) if so, should I frontload/backload the dose
    3) what are the rules with this stuff on carry-on luggage?

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    Just miss the shot and carry on as you are. You're in no danger of interrupting your current blast. Stay with the schedule and go from there.

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    If you're on TRT doses of prop either just miss it, won't matter much.

    But if it were me (a gearhead that is), I take a double shot right before I left.
    Prop lasts a bit longer than many think anyways.
    While you need EOD dosing to keep it stable,
    prop will stay in your system for more than a week.
    (Concentration and amount of oil injected also factors in)
    So doing 2mls will in theory last longer than two 1ml shots.

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    Missing a single dose is not much of a concern.

    I have preloaded doses when flying and put 'em in my checked baggage with no probs.

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