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Thread: 2nd cycle: Test/Deca/Dbol

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    2nd cycle: Test/Deca/Dbol

    I'm looking to get some advice on my 2nd cycle that should start in 2.5 months:

    My first cycle consisted of the following and I had very good results and no side effects:

    - 500mg Test-E for 8 weeks
    - 500 mg of Deca for 7 weeks
    - PCT: Chlomid for 3 weeks

    My current stats are:
    Age: 29
    Wt: 200lbs (90kg)
    Ht:6' (183cm)
    I am training actively for about 2 years

    I want 2nd cycle to be a bulk for 14 weeks and plan on using the following:

    Test-E: 750mg (wks 1-14)
    Deca: 500mg (wks 1-13)
    Dbol : 30mg (wks 1-4)
    PCT: Nolvadex and Chlomid combined for 4-5 weeks

    I have the following questions:
    1) Do I need an aromatise inhibitor for this plan during the cycle? If yes, which one (Adex, Anastrazol..) and which quantity?
    2) Is 750mg of test to 500mg of deca a good ratio?
    3) Do I also need HCG at the end of this cycle?
    4) Is it OK if I inject test and deca only once per week or it has to be once every 4-5 days? I will be travelling relatively often during these 14 weeks, so I want to avoid bringing test etc. in the plane. Hence, the lower the frequency of injection the better for me

    Any suggestions would be great - thanks

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    You don't need to run a 19Nor on your 2nd cycle take it easy test and Dbol will be fine and recovering will be much easier.

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    Your PCT for your first cycle was lacking.

    Due to this it's very possible you have not fully recovered.

    Your main focus right now should be getting a full hormone panel two months after you finished PCT and compare the results to your pre cycle blood work in order to see if you've recovered.

    If you haven't recovered you should probably do PCT again but for a sufficient amount of time using both nolva and clomid.

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    Honestly Maremm your first cycle shows you did not do your homework. No offense intended here, just facts.
    If you have to ask if an aromatase inhibitor and HCG is needed then again you've not done your homework.
    More is not always better in this world. Meaning each cycle does not have to be bigger than the last. Grow into your cycles.
    Learn that training and nutrition dictate how you respond and maintain muscle mass gained.
    Once per week injections would not be a good idea, imho.
    You need blood work before you start anything.

    Take some time and read Austinites Successful First Cycle thread at the top of this forum. Implement the principals that you are missing.
    -*- NO SOURCE CHECKS -*-

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    Ok, thanks for your very fast and useful answers!

    Regarding info on PCT for my first cycle:
    Day 1: 150 mg of Clomidd/day
    Week 1: 100mg of Chlomid/day
    Week 2-3: 50mg Clomid/day

    To numbere: I do plan to wait now after my PCT 2.5months and then to do blood work again. I'll start with the second cycle only if the blood work is good, as recommended

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