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    wassaaaaaaaaaaaaaap bros!!!! long time!!

    i have been working 2 full time jobs latley from 9am-5pm at my fathers pub and from 6-1 am at my mothers store lol. i kinda fell in love with the nissan 350z so im rasing up money to make a huge down payment on that sexy biatch i recently quit my night job at my moms store coz i want to get back into shape its been a long time ig otta be selfish and look good. im getting a nice car hey!!! better get my body back to how it was to suit the car lol. sad thing is bros... i gained about 15 pounds im back on diet now hitting the gym after work. 1 problem. i hateeeeee hydroxycut now. i cant handle it. i threw the shit out. i want some fat burner or energy booster with caffine without ephedra. if you guys know any please i beg you pleaseeeeee give me a good fat burner that aint as dangerous as ephedra and works like a charm with diet and cardio list em down ill get my ass down to gnc. i know for a fact from what i gained is mostly water. coz of the puffyness on my face. so that would be like a piece of cake since im an expert at dieting. btw im plannign on starting my cycle this wedensday

    sustanon 500/week 12 weeks
    10mg nolva throughout cycle
    colmid post therepy

    i know most of you guys will be soo against this cycle, as for me i love single steroid cycles. they work like a charm for me and take me where i want to be. i done 4 single steroid cycles b4. the nolva througout is coz im prone to gyno so id ont want to risk it.

    anyways i miss giving all you newbies advice.its been a long time i miss this place like hell man!!


    ps: list me the fat burners dont forget!!

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    not where I want to be
    this is your 5th? have you considered increasing the dose to maybe 750mg/week? Also look into some clen . good to have you back bro. peace

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    hey bro, ive used clen b4 didnt liek the effects i got from it. that stuff is almost as dangerous as epehedra. i hate when my heart pumps like crazy. i still have the clen pump here. and im planning on selling it. as for my dosage... if it doesnt work take me anywere at 500 ill thinkabout increasing it but i highly doubt that.

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