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    Time between cycles

    Good evening my bros,

    i am am aware that I should take 18 weeks off between cycles (my cycle was 12 weeks, 2 off, 4 PCT).

    i was wondering what would be the risks if I began a cycle 9/10 weeks after finishing PCT? I'm only asking this as I think having 18 weeks off and then 18 weeks on again will clash with times I'll be abroad - so this would screw up my cycle.

    in a nutshell - what are the risks of beginning a second cycle 9/10 weeks after PCT has finished for my first cycle?

    Thanks bros

    from Big G

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    It's all about what you're willing to risk. Even with proper time on/off plus a great PCT, we're never guaranteed to bounce back 100%. Anytime you dabble in this game there is always a risk involved. You need to stay on top on bloodwork pre, during, and post cycle. Make sure to keep health your number one priority. Most people to blast, even recreationally from time to time, end up on TRT earlier than those who dont. TRT is an amazing thing if you have low T, but I find it disturbing when guys just want to go on because they like cycling so much. Had I have never had low T, odd are I would have never gotten on AAS.

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    If you are still over 20% bodyfat I think you should wait more till you are about 15%.

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    Absolutely agree with above: bloods are best guide. And not just hormones, but lipids and hematocrit as well.

    Another thing to consider is that you not only want to return all your health markers to within range post-cycle, but you really want to be spending an amount of time maintaining those healthy markers. Especially lipids. Lots of guys focus on hormones and forget lipids.

    If you cut your off-cycle period short this time, I definitely wouldnt recommend making that the norm.

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