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Thread: First cycle - Thoughts/Critiques

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    First cycle - Thoughts/Critiques

    Ok so this is what I've come up with for my first steriod cycle. I'm still a ways away from running it. At this point I'm still researching and trying to gather as much information and knowledge as i can. And also i want to drop some body fat before starting. All criticism is welcomed as I want to get people's input who have experience and are knowledgeable. Thanks.

    Steriod cycle

    During cycle

    Week 1-6 250 mgs Test E/week
    Week 7-12 500 mgs Test E/week
    Week 7-12: Aromasin 12.5-25mg/day
    Weeks 1-12: HCG 250iu's 2x a week
    Weeks 1-12: Tadalafil (Cialis,Cia) 5mg a day - (help reduce BP & keep prostate/bladder from enlarging)
    Weeks 1-14: 600 mg of N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) daily. - liver protection


    Weeks 13-17: Aromasin 12.5 mg/day & Natural herbal test booster
    Week 14: 40mgs/day Tamoxifen & 100 mgs/day clomid
    Weeks 15-17: 20mgs/day Tamoxifen & 50mgs/day Clomid

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    No point in running the test for 250mg pw for 6 weeks and bumping it to 500mg pw for the last 6 weeks. You should keep your dose consistent every week so your hormones aren't fluctuating and your test reaches a steady level asap. Another thing is it takes around 4-6 weeks for your test to build up and reach max and consistent basicly the way you have it laid out is right when you are hitting your sweet spot on your 6th week of 500mg you are ending the cycle which obviously isn't ideal.

    Another reason why there is nothing to gain from changing your test dose half way through cycle is, if you did not know already that 250mgs of test will shut you down just the same as 500mgs pw.

    Just run it for 500mgs pw for 12 weeks if you are going to do a cycle in my opinion. 250mgs a week is a very low dose and not worth the shutdown. (I am on TRT and my Dr. prescribes me 200mg per week and it puts my test only slightly above normal range) If you are going to do it then you should do it right and make it worth it at least.

    One big piece of advice and something I don't think a lot of people do is get blood work done before cycle,5-6 weeks into cycle, and 6 weeks after you finish your PCT. Most people won't do all 3 but you should at least get blood work done mid cycle to see what your estro is and if you should change your Aromasin dose.

    Good luck

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    Our stickies are a great resource, here

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    Thanks for the advice. Guess I'm over complicating and overthinking the first cycle. I have read and seen all over that the 500mgs/week is like the base beginner cycle.

    Also read which you stated to get the blood work done at the times you said.

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    [QUOTE=Back In Black;7277800]Our stickies are a great resource, here

    Ok thank you. Will definitely check out this link. The ancillary/PCT link was very helpful also. Thanks for the input.

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