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Thread: Traveling with pct?

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    Traveling with pct?

    What is up guys, im leaving sweden for usa this summer. The day before my pct starts, ill be landing in usa. Should i check in nolva and clomid? Or take it with me in my hand baggage? Maybe put them in a vitamin-d jar or multivitamins, idk bout law in usa, would appreciate help boys!

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    If its just a couple pills you will probably be fine. The tsa isnt trained to identify clomid lol. If your worried you could maybe mail it to your destination? Its a risk regardless im just spitballing here

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    Well it's like this if you get caught with pills you don't have a script for it could be trouble.Do you really think you are the only one too think of putting pills in a vitamin jar come on! They can be pricks I wouldn't chance it mail it!

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    Theres a million and one ways to get them from point A to point B.
    Mailing would be the safest if the receiver of the mail is on board with it.

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    I always stashed 'em in my checked bags when flying....never had any probs.

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    I've always put them in my pill organizer along with my fish oil and other vitamins. The TSA isn't looking for clomid and some nolvadex lol.

    I almost always bring my benzo too, and it's never in the prescription bottle and they don't even say anything about that. But just encase I have a picture of my script on my phone lol. The first time it was more of a test to see if they would make a big deal about it, once I saw they could care less I had no worries about the other bodybuilding related orals.

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