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Thread: Second cycle options??

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    Second cycle options??

    I finished my first cycle 3 months ago

    10 week course

    2 x 1mg test E 300 per week
    0.5 armidex EOD

    2weeks 50mg tamoxifen
    2weeks 25mg tamoxifen

    I had blood tests before during and after and everything is back to normal.

    I did have some HCG during the course but I couldn't get hold of an empty vial so had no way of mixing it as I couldn't leave needles in the fridge.

    While on the cycle I lost some bodyfat, felt great after 5 weeks, sex drive and confidence went up as well as strength slightly.

    I was thinking of using test E again although using a blend for the first 4 weeks then just continue with the test e?

    What are your thoughts?


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    No need to add more it's only your 2nd cycle keep doses low as long as you keep making gains.500mg a week will be good for a while bro.

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    So just stick with the test E? Was only thinking about the blend to start with so it got into my system a little quicker?

    Week 1-4: Test 400 blend: 2 x 1mg per week
    Week 4-10/12: Test E 300: 2 x 1mg per week

    Or should I just stick with the Test E from day one?

    I didn't get any sides apart from spots on my first cycle.

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    What do u want? as big as possible? a core bodybuilder. Go all in?
    Or just as a hobby with family and everyday life and 4-6 normal meals and a little protein powder + creatin now and then?
    Get in shape for the summer. If so, songdogs take will do.
    If not, and u wanna be big fast, u should add something, kickstart, the blend. Because ur not 20 anymore and tic toc

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    To be honest, I want to get in the best maintainable healthy shape I can, I'm not that bothered about getting bigger. Just in better shape.

    I am in the gym 4/5 times a week and constantly eat a high protein diet, I don't take any other supplements apart from ON gold standard.

    Had my bloods done again last week so will get the results this week and if all is good I'll start the second cycle.

    Test E only. Thanks guys.

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