am I healthy enough for a deca cycle-bw-thai.jpgam I healthy enough for a deca cycle-test-e2.jpgam I healthy enough for a deca cycle-tsh.jpg

Hello All,
I am 58, 6', 200 lbs,
Body fat is a mystery as I am lean, but the age factor makes it unpredictable, so 15-20%
Training history, heavy training 20-30, 2-3 months a year 30-54, last 4 years 4 times a week like a madman, except when I take 2 months off and travel, its hit and miss. I have always been a hard gainer, (ecto) and probably had something to do with the thyroid, as I had or have Hashimotos,1/2 my thyroid removed, without meds for 13 years my throid functioned normally but now its assisted with meds.
I am on TRT at 100mg a week, no anti-estro, HCG 250mg a week, along with T4 at 50mcg a day for hypo-thyroid Prescibled,T3 50mcg a day self dosed, and HTCZ for blood preasure at 25 mg a day prescribed, (this is very recent so dialing in is ongoing) and 25 mg losarton as i bought this in thailand and wanted to add another compound. Will be finally seeing my replacement Doc in April and hopefully it can be under control...was clocked at 166 over 100. I realize BP is an issue and will not start this cycle till it is under control.
My goal is to increase strength, and gain lean muscle mass as opposed to getting huge, as I've been this size most of my adult life. Pushing 60 it might be hard on the system to be shocked liked that.
My previous cycles have consisted of TRT test and Anavar , I have responded well with Anavar and strength gains have been good, i have done 2 previous cycles like this. Now I wish to add another compound, and Nandrolone decanoate seems to jump out at me, I thought of Tren , but reading on here many say try Deca first, and although Deca has its sides, Tren sides seem to be far more worrisome. I also chose Deca for its theraputic properties, even though there are conflicting ideas on this, and if it has any anti aging properties they would be welcome as well. I also did a cycle of Turinabol , this will be the first time adding another injectable.
I am not starting this cycle until sometime late summer after holiday season. But would like as much feedback,(positive or negative) to help me determine the best plan of attack.
TRT at prescibed dosage, (above)
Week 1-5 Anavar 50 mg a day morn and eve(25mg) Kickstart
Week 1-10 Dec at 125 mg a week,I prefer to start low to see how the body responds, especially with sides. I will inject in same pin as Test.
or would it be best to run Anavar once Deca has kicked in say week 8-12?
I have Arimidex , Aromasin ,Clomid and Tamoxifine on hand, with a low dose of Deca, I will take 600 mg of vitamin B6 to hopefully keep prolactin in check, as well as 600 mg twice daily of DIM. No PCT planned as I'm, on TRT.
I eat fairly clean and take a meriad of supplements.
On Cycle
Nac 600mg morn and eve
TMG 600mg morn and eve
Dim 200mg morn and eve
Flax oil 2000mg morn and eve
Fish oil 2000mg morn and eve