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    What to do on test flue

    Hello Gainz vill,

    So it is right now 4:20 AM, and I have officially given up on sleep for the night.

    Cycle Info:
    Sustanon 250: 750mg/week, Monday - Wednesday - Friday
    Tbol: 60mg/day, 6 tablets split between the entire day
    Arimidex : 10mg/day, 1 tablet per day

    I am a 5'10 190lbs with over 5 years of lifting experience, this is my third cycle, I previously took sus250 that I had to stop midway, due to some intense test flue.

    My second cycle consisted of TNT, which is a mix of test and Tren .

    Moving forward, I would like to discuss what the hell does one do during test flu, this is my 2nd week of cycle, I was literally .1 cc over my usual CC and the test flue hit me like a train in the middle of my sleep, shivering so hard that my teeth start hurting.

    To clear up any confusion as to why I chose to do sustanon 250 again, that is because I am after a certain physique that I think sustanon delivers perfectly, after a month of my first sustanon cycle I looked like a sculptured Greek good, my diet is on point.

    I was feeling like a hyped up positive monster up until this, can you experienced people give me advice on how to fight this asap ? I'd like to get my butt back to the gym ��

    Should one still workout during the test flue ? If it is safe I have enough motivation to push through, summers around the corner so please soldiers, tell me what to do ✊️��
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    To avoid or reduce "test flu" use long esters, like enanthate or cypionate . Harsh spikes of androgens that short esters produce, its what causes it.

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