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Thread: Help with my 2nd cycle

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    Help with my 2nd cycle

    Just finished my 1st cycle with the excellent help of this forum and got awesome results! Back to get more advice on my next cycle.

    1st cycle - 1-12 weeks

    Test E 1-12 weeks 500 mg/wk
    AI Anastrabol 1-12 weeks 2 mg/wk

    PCT 14 days after last pin

    Clomid 75/50/50/50

    Tamoxifen 40/20/20/20

    Current Stats

    14% bf done with caliper
    been training for about 5 years
    25 years old

    I was reading around some of the forums and read that doing the same cycle twice is not a bad thing, but I had a buddy of mine who tried winny tabs and got phenomenal results with it. So i was thinking of keeping the same cycle as mentioned above and adding winny to it. I have come across a lot of cycles that have winny introduced half way through the cycle like weeks 4-6, wanted a bit more clarification on that or any suggestions if I should even add winny and if so what doses should I use. Also if I add the winny does my PCT need to change at all? and also my AI as well?

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    There is nothing wrong with running a test only cycle again. It's actually preferable. No need to add anything as long as you are making gains.

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    Use the least amount of compounds you can for as long as you can it's better for you.And there will always be some one who took compound x and looks real good that's the way it is.And besides you said you did good on your cycle why complain?

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    As cape and song said, why change what worked? Stick to it. You have plenty of time to experiment with other things down the road.

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    Sounds good to me! Thanks again fellas!

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