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Thread: Post Cycle Belly

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    Post Cycle Belly

    I have done a cycle of winstrol and test e, as soon as I finished a big fat bloated gut on me appeared, fattest gut I ever had in my life. The rest of me looked fine and I kept a lot of gains, just my disgusting belly.

    It has been a couple of months now and I am wanting to do a anavar and sustanon cycle, but my belly is still just as fat.

    Should I do the cycle with that belly the the way it is, or should I try to lose it first, I just don't want to be twice as fat after the next cycle?

    Thanks Bros
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    Stop drinking beer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.BB View Post
    Stop drinking beer.
    That's my problem lol

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    dump the belly first.

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    Diet down to 15% ish

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    Its not easy man, i feel your pain. I want to lean out but i dont want to catobolize gains. I would try to shed some fat before you jump into another cycle and start consuming even more calories. Is there something in your diet thats making you bloated? Fiber gummies make me bloated as hell. Find a boiler room and jump rope with a sweatshirt on until you cant breathe. Include thyroid stuff in your next bloodwork panel if your really struggling with the belly.

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