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    my first steroid cycle help

    Hi friends,
    i am writing from Turkey. I am doing bodybuilding for 3 years.I am ectomorph. 61 kg and i am 26 years old, My arms are 37.5 cm.

    I was 48 kg when i started to bodybuilding. I decided to start to my first steroid cycle.

    I bought Testosterone enanthate 250mg for 8 or 10 weeks , 30 mg danabol per day for 4 weeks,100 or 200 mg primobolan 8 or 10 week.

    I will eat as clean bulk per day about 2500-3000 calories. I will use zinco , milk thistle , vitamin b , vitamin c ,omega 3 inside the cycle.

    I need your help, the only thing that i am wondering about is , should i use arimidex inside the cycle?

    What should be the dosage , and the most important thing is PCT. What should i do?

    Daily 20 mg nolvadex and 50mg clomen for 4 weeks is ok?

    Would be glad , if you can help me about pct

    Thanks Friends.

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    What is your height?

    How many calories do you eat now? You need to eat more.

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    Yes you should run arimidx 0.25mg EOD you should also use hcg throughout and because its your first cycle you should get bloods done so In future you have a baseline for normal honrone levels for the yourself..

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