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    Correct anti-e's?

    Ok guys, here is my cycle with anti-e's:

    Week 1-4: D-Bol 40 mg daily
    Week 1-10: Test Enan 500 mg
    Week 1-10: Liquidex .5 mg daily

    Clomid: Start 2 weeks after last injection, 300 mg first day, 100 mg next ten days, 50 mg last 10 days.

    Will I still need to have some nolva on hand in case some gyno symptoms pop up, or should the liquidex take care of any possible gyno? Also, will the liquidex take care of water bloat as well?

    If I do need some nolvadex as well, is it safe to assume that I should have enough on hand to begin taking 20 mg/day at week 2, just in case symptoms were to pop up that early?

    Thanks for help guys.

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    I would advice getting the nolva, get enough to run 40mg for a week and 10-20mg for the rest of your cycle including clomid. Nolva is relitivly cheap, gyno surgery isn't.

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    hmmmm, i wouldnt even reccomend takign arimidex , if u want take proviron , im not a fan of anti-es on a cycle, dont think they r needed unless u wake up one morning with nipples burning. cycle looks very good. i would also take up on sweet's advice and get some novaldex! problem is if u get some symptoms of gyno i would take .5 mg arimidex ed and 20 mg nolv until symptoms are gone, NOVALDEX ON ITS OWN WILL STOP GYNO, BUT ONCE U GO OFF, the estrogen will wreck havok ! unless u decide to stay on arimidex the entire cycle !

    good luck !

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    Agreed, I keep liquidex and nov on hand when cycling, but I don't take either unless gyno symtoms occur.

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