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    Hi everyone..... i started on sus & Dec beginning of Feb i was taking 1 mil of each Monday and same on a Thursday aswel as tamoxifen . At the beginning of March i got told i needed to have an opperation on my knee so i stopped taking it without taking any pct as i wanted less in my system as i could before the op. Now ive had the op a month down the line i have no sex drive at all and dont seem interested in anything! IS THERE ANYTHING I CAN DO OR TAKE TO GET IT BACK? Im 28 weigh 87kg and 5ft 9 cheers in advance

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    Well, you make a ton of mistakes along the way or so it appears. Step one should be getting some blood work. Take a look at discounted labs dot com or similar sites as they have post cycle packages that are quite cheap. Hopefully they are allowed to operate in your state, assuming you're in the U.S. Odds are you'll need to do a pct in effort to restart your HPTA whether you do BW or not.

    Also, take some time and read the Successful First Cycle thread at the top of the AAS Q & A forum for educational purposes. You'll find pct instructions in this thread as well.
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    Hcg and pct would help. Hopefully you didn't permanently screw yourself up.

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    Like Kel said you def made some mistakes and bloodwork is def a must to see were your at see if you should start a late Pct or ride out the mistake..

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    What's done is done so don't panic. Just follow the advice above and give yourself time. Your body's pretty resilient and you're young.

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