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Thread: Cycle advice (first pin)

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    Cycle advice (first pin)

    Hey everybody!

    i'm going to be running my first Pin cycle.

    was planning on Test E/ Tren E for 10 weeks.

    my vials come in 10 ML300MG Test per Ml / 200 MG per ML of Tren

    6 1
    205 LBS
    10-15 percent body fat (i've got some lines and semi-visible abs, the USMC tape test puts me at 12 percent but it's probably not accurate)

    goals: i guess a recomp, i want to harden up, drop fat and add some quality LBM that i can keep. if i ended up after PCT at 210-215 with my 6 pack glowing and some cut up legs i'd love myself.

    1) DOSING

    i've read conflicting things on a 2:1 tren to test ration.

    so would y'all recommend 400 tren 300 test per week?
    i've also seen dudes have good cycle runs on 600 test/400 tren. which i wouldn't be opposed to doing as that was my original plan. 4 shots a week. 1ML of each substance each glute.

    i've got 50 20G draw needles and 50 27G 1 1/2 inch to pin.


    another question i have, is for a booster/a finisher.
    i was thinking starting with Dbol weeks 1-4 for 50 MG's a day
    and then finishing weeks 7-12 with either Var or T3. anybody got any ideas for those?

    3) PCT

    will just clomid do the trick? or do i need to add in nolva? the source i'm ordering off of doesn't sell hCG , so i'm not sure i can get my hands on it.

    4) OTC products

    hawthorne berry, milk thistle, fish oil, multi vitamin, anything else that i may be missing?

    thank you all for the help!!

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    First cycle test only. Tren should be saved for quite a few cycles down the line.

    Pick a goal, bulk or cut. If it's your first cycle you should bulk as it should be your most productive cycle in terms of lean tissue gain. If you want to be leaner then drop some fat before the cycle. 10-15% is a massive range and look completely different.

    Your 27g pins may be too small delpending on the thickness of your oil, it may take an eternity to pin.

    Your 20g pins to draw may be too thick causing your rubber stopper too much damage. I normally draw with a 23g and either pin with that gauge or a 25g

    Read this and follow it to a T
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    What u mean be "do the trick"? If your picture of it is to keep your gains, they both will fail.
    If you wanna be serious now and look as good as possible, but after the cycle, u plan to do a Levrone, its not that important. Healtwize u probably would do better with Clomid only. If u wanna keep as much of the gains as long as possible, u might wanna add nolva.
    But your level infront of your next cycle ( if you follow the timeframe guidelines) got nothing to do with your pct. 99% will not agree, but they are wrong. If not this would be very easy. Its not. Cut big bodies are hard to find.

    You should add Garlic and NAC. NAC are not only for liver.
    I also add Red Yeast Rice, turmeric and ester c. With fishoil, sillymarin and dandelion.
    I was amazed by my good BW after those herbs cause diett was not good.
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