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    Traveling to Cabo and I want to pack light!

    Traveling to Cabo for 7 days for vacation, mid cycle.
    Test E and Var.
    I was initially thinking of maybe taking a preloaded pin in my checked bag but now I'm hesitant because idk want Mexican customs is like down there now.

    Anyone been to Cabo recently? Will they hassle me for test coming in?
    Or can I buy a small amount pretty easily at a pharmacia?

    I was also just thinking of pinning two cc's the morning I leave and accepting messed up test levels for a couple of weeks.

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    Bro it isn't worth the hassle if you get caught.

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    I thought aas was over the counter in mexico

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    exactly!! its all available over the counter down there. what i do i take just enough to get me through the trip so i don't have to bring anything back......

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    I'd just buy a vial over there, use what I needed then leave it there.

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    Thanks for the replies guys. I'm gonna just try to buy a vial down there and throw it away before I come back. I don't want to stress about trying to bring it through MX customs.
    They might be scrutinizing americans more with the ensuing wall being built

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