Hello. Thanks in advance for considering my questions!

I have a long boring deployment coming up, on an amphibious ship for 3 months, with long stretches of boredom but also unlimited unfettered gym access. I was thinking it's time to try a cycle - I've always been thinking about it but it was never convenient.

Just as some background I'm 37, 6'1" 205, 15% BF, and my biggest limitation of gains is my ability (or inability) to recover.

I was thinking of starting a 6 week long winstrol -only cycle, at maybe 25mg - 30mg per day, as I don't want to add too much bulk. I was thinking about not adding testosterone during it, because I don't want a libido while on deployment. My biggest question is - will I absolutely need post-cycle therapy afterwards? I definitely am worried about chemical castration. What is the best choice for that? tamoxifen or clomid?

Also, I've read multiple threads saying a winny-only cycle is bad, but I couldn't really understand why. Is it because of the lack of libido? I don't want libido since I'm languishing on a ship and am away from my wife. Will it make me feel like shit? In what way?

I'm a doctor, so don't shy away from getting technical.