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    Post cycle Bloodwork

    First of I want to again say thank you to all the member of this forum for being so helpful in my first cycle experience. It was an awesome feeling gaining and keeping 8 pounds from this cycle and keeping my bodyfat the same.

    My bloodwork after cycle:

    hdl - 46
    ldl - 94
    total test - 742
    estrogen - 39
    cbc - normal
    lh - 4.6 (range 1 - 12)
    fsh 1.9 (range 1.1 - 18.1)
    tsh 1.7 (range .4 - 4.2)

    any opinions? seems to me like my body bounced back great. especially after being at 2100 test for 3 months and then none.

    I took nolva only for PCT

    This bloodwork

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    Looks good! Be sure to use both clomid and nolva (and hcg on cycle if you didn't) next time. You always want to give yourself the best possible chance at recovery. Now make sure you keep eating to maintain the added weight!
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