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    Good for spot injections??

    What do you all think about fin as spot injections??

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    PERFECT gear for site injections! If you are using 1cc break up the injections into two .5cc shots and make sure to put the injects into opposing body parts, ie if you are doing shoulders then put .5cc's in your right and .5cc's in your left. Some guys like to put 1cc into one body part and then just switch it around. I prefer my previous method I posted. It gives a more even pump and more even pain.

    Quote Originally Posted by consumerreport
    What do you all think about fin as spot injections??

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    first of all, i dont even know what this post is even referring to. Secondly, i assume you meant fina. Thrid i dont see much sense to roidmanraging's method.
    When injecting ED, just rotate sites. The goal not being to enhance the muscle on site, but to stear clear of scar tissue. Rotate between delts, tris, bis, pecs&calves(if you can handle it), glutes, and quads.

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