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    AAS in Saudi Arabia

    Hello guys,
    This topic has been discussed already but I did not find any answer to my questions.
    The thing is I have to find a way to get gears while I am in Saudi (Riyadh) at the end of the year.
    There are only very old threads so I want to open a new one hopefully I ll get some response.

    Do you guys have any idea on what should I do.?
    I am not looking for a source since is against this forum but maybe someone has done it before!

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    Mail it to yourself or someone else already there? Pack it with gear that doesn't travel with you? Pack it with furniture or personal effects if the government is paying to transfer your quarters? Put it on a plane that you know will be there at some point and you'll have access to remove it? Eat it or ....
    I'm not suggesting that I would do any of these, just being creative. Good luck !

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