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    How much does T3 increase metabolism?

    I know this is a hard question to answer but I'm just wondering if someone's tdee is 3000 at normal thyroid production (25mcg)
    What percentage is the metabolism boosted if someone was to run 50mcg?
    15%? 30%? 50%?

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    Im on thyroid replacement and I take 10 mcg t3 and 50 mcg t4. This is enough to bring on levels into optimal range. I really dislike taking the meds but I have to. If I dont get the calories in I flatten out quick. Im sure the boost in metabolism varies from person to person. Do you like t3?

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    It doesn't body metabolism in the sense you're thinking. It does burn fat (and muscle) through over stimulating the thyroid, but the metabolism boost is actually more of just a thermogenic feature of the t3 itself.

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