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Thread: Cycle planning assistance

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    Cycle planning assistance

    I have used a Dbol only cycle 2 times in the past about 3 and 5 years ago, at low dosage 10/20/30/20/10 and was very pleased with what I was able to maintain for the long term.. I wasn’t looking for huge numbers just a slight boost and it certainly got me there.

    Long story short suffered an injury about a year ago lost a lot as we get older its hard as hell to bounce back from serious injuries… but I've been extremely strict on regiment and regained close to prior numbers in lifts and body comp, currently 6’4 225 14% BF but hit a plateau the past few months. I was 238 very fit and would be happy getting back into the 230s with low BF and at my prior lifts if not better.

    I know the negative feedback on dbol only cycle but it worked great for me in the past for the minimal jump start I want….so I am going to run the same Dbol 5 wks at 10/20/30/20/10 but what is new is I'm planning to follow a PCT Clomid 50 mg 2wks and 25 mgs 2 wks. As well aromisin 25 mgs EOD for the entire 9 weeks. Along with milk thistle. I never had side effects before but because I’m older, and because I’ll be using an online source and a different dbol pharm I want to play it safe.

    I understand people don’t like the dbol only cycle but if you could respectfully offer any advice or thoughts on the clomid aromisin milk thistle dosage because I have no experience there just what I've been reading here.

    Thank you

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    Please give this a read:
    Why don't you want to include test?
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    I tried test about a year after my first dbol only cycle and I just had really bad experience 2 weeks in mentally felt fucked physically lethargic so I stopped it after 2 weeks. I had friends using the same batch with no negative effects just didn't react well with me. Figured the success I had with dbol only worked well enough for my needs so I ended up just doing that again about 3 months later and it accomplished what I needed. So im hoping I can get the same results if I do it again just concern is the fact that its an unknown source I feel like I should use aromosin and clomid but I might be wrong with that as well.

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