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Thread: 12 week Lean Bulk Cycle advice required!

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    12 week Lean Bulk Cycle advice required!

    I am planning to start my fourth cycle,I have been training from age 16 and its been a while after my last cycle ,my main goal is to get a lean bulk physique

    My Stats :-
    Age:- 27
    Height:- 5 11ft
    Weight :- 185lbs
    BF%:- 13%

    Test P 100mg EOD (1-12weeks)
    Primobolon 100mg EOD(1-12 weeks)
    Winstrol 50mg ED (1-4 weeks & 8-12 weeks)
    Proviron 25mg ED(1-12weeks)
    Clenbuterol (80mcg) or t3(25mcg) ED 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off
    Anastrazole 0.5mg EOD (1-12 weeks)
    HCG 1000iU/week (2-12 weeks)

    PCT:-(5 days after last pin)
    Clomid 100/100/50/50
    Nolvadex 40/30/20/20

    The reason for running HCG during cycle is to prevent testicular atrophy so that my libido would not be affected during pct.Any changes in the cycle are most welcomed.

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    It all looks pretty good to me, so I'm not going yo ask cycle experience. I'm going to take this being your 4th as experience enough. There is a few things that jump out that I want to bring up.

    I don't like the 2 phased winstrol plan. I would prefer to see it the last 6 weeks only, as it's a great finisher. It's not a great kickstart with short ester compounds, as that test p will be in full force at about the 2 week mark.

    The primo is another thing that sticks out. I'm assuming you're taking primo e, so 100mgs eod is going to be 350mgs weekly. While many like it at 400-500mgs weekly, from personal experience, you're not running it long enough to see any benefit from it. While 350mgs a week is debatable, I don't think it's enough. Even if it is, it's not going to be ran long enough. I use it at 700-1000mgs weekly and don't start seeing results until about the 12 week mark. And that's a lot more than you are using. I start seeing what appears to be daily changes at the 16 week mark. So I usually always run it 20+ weeks, with a prostate exam.

    On the proviron , I would need to know the reason behind you including this one. If for the sexual side effects, you'd be better off using cialis and ipt141 or MTII. They're 10x better than proviron for that reason. 25mgs is a super low dose anyways, so you wont get any physical composition benefit at all from it. Even at 100mgs, you wont get anything because the other compounds will overshadow it.

    Now the AI and hcg is what caught my eye. Both of these are high in my opinion. I think you should start the AI at .25mgs and adjust if needed. Too much can cause you pain and overall bad feelings. You can always adjust itnif needed. I see a lot of guys on this forum talking about. 5mgs EOD, and that surprises me. .25mgs should be plenty, but if it's not, you can always adjust it. Not to mention it can wreak havoc on lipids.
    Now the hcg can and should be used at 250ius 2x weekly. That's plenty to do what you want from it, and recommended by most on the forum. Hcg can aromatize, so keep it at the dose that is recommended. You are right in using it on cycle and not pct.

    On the pct, you are on the right track, but I think you're missing the point of how it's recommended in dosing. The first week is used as a front load. On the clomid you have 2 frontload weeks, and the nolva you have a frontload, a deload, then the dose. Do it like this:

    Clomid- 100/50/50/50/50
    Nolva- 40/20/20/20/20

    I added a week for safety. Get some cialis. You can use it on cycle, but it is very beneficial for pct and after pct. You will no doubt have some libido issues during the end of pct and shortly after. This will happen. Cialis will help. As would MTII or ipt141. Cialis is also very beneficial to prostate health and blood pressure issues you might experience on cycle.

    I hope all of the compounds you have planned are not just because. More isn't always better, and some of the compounds and doses you have planned seem more like you just want to use it with no real reason as to why. Each steroid should have a specific purpose in your stack. If you don't have a reason, or can't give an explanation as to why a certain thing is being used, you might want to consider dropping it. A lot like that proviron.

    What do you think?
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    ^^Solid advice.
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