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Thread: Extremely uncommon Problem - need help!!!!

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    Extremely uncommon Problem - need help!!!!

    So each time I run a cycle, everything goes great until I reach a certain point where I gain a bunch of weight from water retention, my face gets puffy and everything looks really soft and I can't flex my abs in very well. I essentially go from looking 6-8% bodyfat to full blow off-season in a day or two. Have gotten bloods multiple times but nothing has given me answers to why this happens. E2 was perfect, liver enzymes perfect, prolactin perfect, cortisol perfect, etc. Only thing off was low albumin levels and high platelet count but no protein was found in my urine and my creatinine levels were perfect and kidneys didn't show any sign of being sub par in their function. It's getting frustrating having issues keep me from stepping on stage when no doctor can find out or will find out an answer for me.

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    What are your stats?
    What are your cycles including hCG and AIs etc.?
    Any pictures?

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    205 lbs
    12-13% bf currently

    First cycle was 12 weeks of sustanon at 350 and mast p at 350 50mg winstrol (last 6 weeks) arimidex 0.5mg eod (.5ed last 4 weeks). Everything was great then after 10 weeks blew up with water retention. Second experience was on a 8 weeks cycle of test prop at 525mg mast prop at 525 winstrol last 6 at 50mg and adex at 0.5mg ed. For some reason it won't let me put in my pictures from my phone. I'm new to the forums and still tryin to figure out how this works lol

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    It could be an AI dose problem, but remember everyone's body is different. Some people are just more sensitive to water retention/estrogen spiking/etc.

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    You tested progesterone?
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    Define "perfect". I'm curious of the numbers, not your idea of perfect. It's not an uncommon problem, but it's usually caused from a lack of using an AI. Maybe you dex is bunk or underdosed?

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