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    BPC 157 Reconstitution and math

    Can someone please help me with the math. If I have 5 mg of BPC157 and I inject 1 ml into the vial what amount of mcg would it be on the 10 unit of a 100 unit/1ml insulin syringe? And same question basically would be what would the math work out to if I injected 2 ml into a 5 mg vial of BPC 157? Basically what I want is to inject 250 mcg per shot. Thanks in advance guys.

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    1ml bac water to 5mg would be 50mcg per iu so you would need 5iu to make 250mcg remember that u-100 insulin syringes go up in 2iu increments so each tick mark is 2iu (100mcg)

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