Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I'm considering starting my first cycle. I'm male, 31 years old, 192lbs, and I've been powerlifting for about three years.

As I consider starting my first cycle, I wanted to know what folks think about whether there's an optimal body fat percentage range for gaining the most from a cycle. I'm currently at ~20% bf. I've stayed at this weight and body percentage since about 9 months after I first started lifting - before I started I was around 175lbs and I put on a bunch of muscle as well some fat (obviously). I've come down a bit from my heaviest weight (~200lbs).

I've read some guidance in various places to the effect that ~15 percent bf would be a good place to start and some anecdotes about risk of gyno, etc being greater the higher the bf % is. Anyhow, is the advice regarding bf% a hard and fast rule? Am I setting up myself up for a bad time if I start higher than that? I have no problem dieting down to a lower %, but would prefer not to delay my first cycle if I don't have to. I should probably mention that my first cycle is going to be a test e only cycle.

Any advice and feedback would be greatly appreciate, thank you!