hey guys hope all of u are doing well.

Really i need your advices and i will highly appreciate your replys .

Well ... im planing to take my summer cycle i know its too late but i want
it .. so thats why i wanna take :





My questions :

Do equipoise makes watter retention?

What kind of test should i use ? Testa cip or enath ? Or the testaviron
will achieve the goal !!!

In my country the equipoise is not available... but i can get the boldenon
..do you think the boldenon will make the same results?

Finaly give me your opinion abt my 7 weeks cycle injections plan :

From 1 to 7 weeks :

Mond : trenbo and susta .
Tuesd : suspension.
Wed : nothing .
Thursd : equip and testaviron.
Friday : suspension .

Age : 29 yrs
Length: 179 cm .
Weight : 65 kg .
Experience: 8 years .
Cycle duration: 7 weeks .

Your support will means alot for me thank u .