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Thread: Starting back up again at 35

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    Starting back up again at 35

    Hi guys, i had a point where i had to stop taking Test C and Tren due to work, i could not maintain good food, constant training and sleep at normal times, so i stopped. That was 5 years ago.

    I decided to loose weight before i even tried, i'm at 20%BF. Wanted to ask if taking Test C first then Test and Tren required me to bulk, meaning if i take on gear and maintain a Keto diet can i just start gaining lean muscle or do i have to bulk then cut like the good ole days ?


    35 MAle
    260 Lbs
    Fat 20%

    I know my BF is high but it is dropping

    Workout heavy 4 days a week
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    I think cutting should be your main goal right now. IMO when you get in the low teens or single digits then you can consider bulking. Remember, high body fat while on cycle can be bad for estrogen and gyno. The gear might help you to maintain LBM while cutting but if your diet is not in check you could be setting yourself up for failure.

    Personally, I would not recommend a keto diet when on cycle, especially on tren . I believe that tren utilizes carbs much more efficiently and to make tren more effective you need the carbs.

    My best advice is to evaluate your diet and see how many calories you are consuming. After getting a rough estimate of calories get your macros in check and cut calories from there. In a few months, then consider the next cycle.

    Best of luck.
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