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Thread: For the young and steroids

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    For the young and steroids

    I've seen a lot of young guys on here asking about cycling etc. Just a little story for you guys.. A buddy of mine has never injected any steroid but used a couple bulking prohormones and ran anavar and winstrol alone without adding testosterone in from the age 18-22. He never learned anything about what he was taking and basically took anything someone at the gym would tell him to. He has now gained 80 pounds, is going bald, has low testosterone , and is having serious liver problems. All for the sake of losing or gaining a couple pounds in high school and college. Guys, it's just not worth it to mess around with your hormones. Just because your buddy tells you to take something and he got great results doesn't mean there won't be consequences down the road. Kind of a pointless post I just feel bad for the guy seeing how bad off he is now.
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    I remember a time years back when if you were that age you could not get on forums like this and ask for advice. The older guys would tell you you re too young and to keep lifting and eating clean. But now ita just ridiculous.

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    Good post man, sadly many will pass it by

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