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Thread: First cycle of test e

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    First cycle of test e

    Hi all, new here and just though i'd put a little page up on the forum recording my first cycle, maybe help any other newbie and I welcome any advice.

    I'm one week in to an 8 week cycle, using 400mg of test e per week. First of all I know that will get slated as too short a time and not a high enough dose of test but been new to this I want to edge on the side of caution and try and keep sides to a minimum.

    Also i'm not looking to pack on 20+ pounds in my cycle, yes i want to add some weight, strength and try and firm up! Also i have a holiday right at the end of this course so will have my last injection the day I go away, couple of weeks off then start pct.

    So this is very much trial and error, i've started my first week with 3 shots of 275mg over 7days to try and kick start, not sure if it works but like i say its seeing what works for me. I've found 48 hours after injecting I feel great, libido is high and an overall feeling of well-being.
    Its early days so no real sides, head feels a bit greasier than normal but thats it. (sure alot at this stage is in the mind)

    I've been taking .25mg of Arimidex , i'm not convinced this is needed at this point as alot of the time my libido seems very low and i feel a little lethergic, which is unusual for me as i'm a right horny b***ard! So not sure if it's lowering my Easterogen too much? any views on this would be helpful. I'm going to take .25mg every other day and just keep an eye on any side's.

    My cycle

    400mg test e 1 shot a week.
    .25mg every day or every other day see how i go.
    Hcg starting week 3

    PCT - little advice would be good here i have -
    Clomid and Nolva ready so will probably combine both of these.
    Start this week 2 weeks after last pin.

    My stats i'm 6ft and 190lb. Been lifting on and off for most my adult life but consistently for the last 18 months.

    I last injected 275mg on Saturday, now Monday and have that great feeling again. Will start 400mg on Friday and go every week from there.

    All going well, i'll update here when i can and welcome any advice, I know 8 weeks is short and 400mg is low but thats where i'm going with it, not looking to get huge, looking to get some gains with as little side as I can and use the knowledge gained for my next cycle.

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    Trial and error is a terrible approach.
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    You've been given really good advice, I hope you follow it.

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    Thanks, I really appreciate the advice.

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