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    Need advice for pct or cycling to next april

    Hi friends. I am 38 years old . Training since 22, made some cycles before. I want to build about 3-4 kg muscles to 2018 april with 3 cycles with pct . I want to join man physic competition in 2018 april.
    I am 178 tall and 86 kg now on this photo last week.

    I prepared this cycle

    Week 1-8 200mg test prop /week
    1-8 300mg tren acetad /week
    1-8 500 mg HCG / week
    1-8 adex and caber
    pct 4 weeks nolva and clomid
    My quiestion: i have to make this cycle with pct 3 times to april (each cycle 2 months and 1 month pct) or i have to different cycles?

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    You look good for a 61 year old. LOL

    Men's physique is more about conditioning over size. Of course, if you have size and conditioning, you'll do much better. You're big enough right now. If you want to win, you should concentrate more on dialing in your diet and getting lean. You're big enough right now. Don't run 3 Tren cycles back to back. It'll be hard on your body. Look into running a Mast + Test cycle. It'll cut you up.

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