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    Managing cholesterol while TRT

    Without getting into specifics, what can you do to lower cholesterol numbers? Is it mostly diet, exercise and some supplementation or can you also add in some pharma grade cholesterol drugs?

    Say I'm running niacin, red yeast, and c0q10, fiber etc...

    What can be the issue with elevated cholesterol while on TRT would it mostly be the high level of test?

    Asking for research purposes.

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    Change in diet, assuming you had a terrible diet, generally decreases cholesterol numbers by about 10%. People who have a genetic disposition to have higher cholesterol, say 400, can bring it down to 360 by diet. That's still way too high. You need to be on medication if you want to bring it down below 200.

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    It depends on you and your health. Read up on how the current range of cholesterol tests came to be. Bought and paid for by big pharma. Statins went from being a 20M industry to 80 Billion overnight. I personally do not worry too much about being in range. I worry way more about bloodpressure than cholesterol. Now as scotch says if you have a genetic condition by all means respect it. Being 5 percent out of range and I am not going to even address it as reality.

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    Post your numbers up please!
    -*- NO SOURCE CHECKS -*-

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    I put mine up w/o meds 285. with 20mg Crestor 140.

    I'm a fat boy 6' @300.

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