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Thread: Oral Cycle? Don't got enough for injections?

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    Oral Cycle? Don't got enough for injections?

    So been lifting for 4 years. Currently on a cut (220 -> 180) and some steroids kinda fell into my lap (out of town buddy used to juice for a while)

    I really dont want to take his advice on shit (I trust the guy but he is kinda wrong when it comes to actual science and shit on most things)

    I have been researching it and I know all of the risks, diet, training etc. I take my gym stuff pretty serious

    What I got in vial form is just

    Testosterone 400mg
    Equipoise 300mg
    Trenbolone 100mg


    Proviron 50mg (50 caps)
    Anadrol -50mg (50 caps)
    Dianabol - 50mg (50 caps)

    Nolvadex 30mg (50 caps)

    none of these have been opened or used before including the vials - just stuff my buddy had left over from his cycle. He told me I could go on a light cycle with the stuff provided
    but I have been researching it ( I did not know shit about steroids) and it seems like that one vial of test is enough for just 1 week? let alone 10-12 (maybe I can do really light injections? is that even worth it?)

    Could I build a cycle off the oral shit alone? Or is that not recommended for the first cycle. since most people just go test. I would not mind doing a REALLY LIGHT cycle if I could. I just kinda want to try the stuff out and see what it does to my body after a cut.
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    I wouldn't take anything that fell into my lap. I'd take something because I wanted to take it.

    1 vial of test @ 400mg pw will last less than 10'weeks assuming it's a 10ml vial. It's a really high concentration so will probably cause you lots of PIP. It's also UGL and you have no idea what is in it. If you pinned 10ml all in one go you'd be in so much pain and so fucked in terms of hormone balance you'd never ever consider AAS again.

    You would need to buy an AI, HCG and Clomid to make a successful cycle.

    How about you tell us your height, weight, bodyfat and training history?
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    I don't give advice but in this some research than read a lot more....I would not do anything until I had the right quanity and ALL ancillaries available on hand...including pct....lay it out your plan and the brothers with the knowledge will critique it....don't be cheap or half ass with anything you put in your body

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    Sounds like you've never cycled before, so you would only wanna do a test only for your first cycle. Like bib said, test 400 is gonna cause pip, especially for virgin muscles. And no, you can't build a cycle off the orals alone.

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