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    First Cycle. Does Not Running HCG Affect Gains Kept Post Cycle.

    Hi Everyone. I am soon to be starting my first cycle of Test E only. I have been training Natural for about 2 years and I am 25. My diet is really good as I track my Cals and Macros everyday.

    My Cycle.

    Week 1-10 Test E 500mg. Split Monday/Thursday
    Week 1-12 Arimidex 0.25mg EOD.
    Week 12-15 Clomid 100/50/50/50
    Week 12-15 Nolva 40/20/20/20

    From my research of this and other forums I seen that HCG is recommended on cycle up to PCT to stop you're nuts from shrinking but I wouldn't be too upset over that as my friend was able to get me all of the above but unable to get me HCG. I was wondering does it affect my recovery post cycle and take longer to recover ie sacrifice my gains ? As I would like to hold onto some gains as I was looking to then keep training naturally afterwards(I know millions of people that said this haha).

    Also does my cycle look ok to everyone bar the lack of HCG ?


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    It will just make it harder and longer to recover your hormones. Get it if you can.

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    Wat are your stats bro Ht Wt bf% and HCG helps make it easier for recovery.

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    when you are on cycle your balls shrink, and they calcify so they wont get back to normal size, while you are taking HCG thru cycle they wont calcify and its easier to recovery like songdog said, there is also other school tells that you can run HCG thru PCT after cycle ( ive made that before and all is ok with me )

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    HCG helps with recovery.. if you cant get hold of it, stick with clomid/nolva protocol. That should do you just fine...

    I didn't use HCG on my first cycle and i recovered just fine, it was test e only 500mg. Obviously genetics have their place in this....

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