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    2 week test ace or prop cycle advise

    Hey! Been reading on the forum for a while, finally decided it's time to join and ask a few questions that I couldn't find answers for.

    I'm going to try the Bill Roberts 2 week on 4 week off cycle. Most of the research and info I could find involves stacking multiple steroids together which isint what I'm looking to try for my first time.

    I want to try the 2 week cycle using only a short acting ester testosterone like prop or ace. Kinda leaning towards Test Ace since people seem to say the PIP is much better then Prop.

    My plan is to use 100mg/EOD of Test Ace or Prop over 14 days.

    As far as PCT they are based on using a stack using tren /d-Bol/test/win in various mixes and amounts. Using straight test would I need the same level of AI and estrogen blockers?

    Quote from Bill Roberts about PCT for the 2 week cycle:

    The better and now-practical approach is to use an AI if using substantial amounts of aromatizing steroids. If not doing so, then neither an AI nor a SERM is needed during the "on" weekls.

    So where gyno protection isn't an issue either due to using an AI or due to using only moderate or no aromatizing steroids, Clomid is used only in the off weeks, starting Day 15 at 300 mg and thereafter at 50 mg/day. If one is sensitive to Clomid, my first preference is to split the SERM dosage between Clomid and nolvadex half-and-half, so Clomid is 150 mg on Day 1 in divided doses and 25 mg/day thereafter (or 50 mg EOD) and Nolvadex use is 60 mg on Day 1 in divided doses and 10 mg/day thereafter.

    End quote.

    I feel using 100mg/EOD would would put me in the camp of not using a substantial amount of aromatizing steroids and not require AI.

    For the Clomid use I'm not so sure where I would fall?

    Do I use the 300mg front load at day 15, then continue at 50mg daily?

    How long should the clomid continue?

    Would my estrogen levels be high enough at day 14 to even warrant clomid use in the first place?

    The clomid use is my main confusion and worry lol. Any insight would be appreciated.


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    Are you suggesting running a 2 week cycle only and then a PCT?

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    Yes lol. It's a little unconventional but apperently works pretty good if you arnt competitive or are an athlete that gets tested.

    I've done an 8 week cycle 5 years ago and wasn't too thrilled with the recovery phase following the cycle. If I can avoid weeks of low T abyss that would be great.

    And the PCT is what seems strange to me since it almost seems like people are doing the same amount of PCT as from an 8 week cycle to me. Seems off.

    What I was thinking was just to run the test prop 100mg/EOD or Test ace every 36hrs till the bottles run out around the 20 day mark. Maybe 10mg-20mg of dbol during the day to help with protein synthesis, and 12.5mg of aromasin EOD-ED throughout the 20 days. As far as PCT I figured my E1/E2 should be in check due to the aromasin and will not rebound due post cycle due to the nature of how aromasin controls estrogen. I don't really see why I would expose myself to the clomid/nolva for weeks unnecessarily since they also carry side effects on their own.

    Also the reason I was thinking of running test only was due to my previous experience with dbol where I was having a hard time controling the sides. I was running between 30-40mg daily last time, so maybe 10mg would be fine since I still have them left over (dunno if they are trash after 5 years though)
    I could link the Bill Roberts 2 week cycle but since it was posted on another forum I didn't think it would be appropriate if there are rules against it.

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    Essentially the gist of it is based on using a short ester and taking it 2 weeks before your HPTA to fully shut down and go dormant. The testes obviously stop producing immediately but will not atrophy over 2 weeks so they are ready to restart once some LH gets released. The 2 weeks is more for the pituitary side of things, forgot the terminology behind it but it sounded convincing enough.

    Seems people who have tried this short cycle have made pretty good gains all things considered. I've seen claims anywhere from 8-10lbs including gains made during the PCT phase. That's another interesting factor, since the HPTA is ready to go gains can continue with hard work or generally losses are minimal.

    Some people were trying to run the cycle 2 on 2 off ongoing and ended up with progressively more HPTA shutdown and testicular atrophy. Bill Rogers himself recommended a min of 4 weeks off between cycling. I would probably go for a little longer then 4 weeks.

    Realistically only way to be sure about these claims is to try it myself and see how it performs. Can't say I would be dissapointed with 6-8lbs over 2 weeks. Worst case could always run 8 weeks if 2 dosent pan out, would kinda suck though using a short ester for 8 weeks.

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