Profile -

Age: 25
Height: 5"10
Weight: 85kg
Gym History: Lifting since 17 years old. Have never been a true 'bodybuilder'. Have always lifted for athletic purposes.
Steroid History: Have ran 3 cycles at the age of 19, 21 and 22 (I'm aware steroid use at that age isn't advised)
Cycles: All 3 cycles have been run using Test E, stacked with either EQ or Primobolan + Dianabol or Anavar . Always ran PCT after using Nolva / Clomid + HCG . Never had any issues coming off cycle.
Athletic History: Have played rugby for 12 years at a good standard. Have always been motivated to be bigger, stronger and faster, which is where my initial interest in using steroids came from. Still play rugby today.

Current Situation: I'm not actually interested in steroids for bodybuilding purposes. I have enjoyed being natural for the past 3 years. However over the past 12 months I have suffered some serious injuries, including:

Grade 2 sternoclavicular joint ligament tear
Grade 1 high ankle sprain
Inflamed / aggravated pubic joint (pubic symphysis)

As a result, I am seriously hindered in my training and playing ability, and am considering running Deca + Test E as I have heard lots of positive reports of people who have recovered from nagging injuries using this cycle. While my shoulder and ankle are classed as 'fully healed', they still give me problems from time to time. In particular, the pubic symphysis is causing awful problems, despite rehabbing and resting since April (when the injury occurred), along with lots of natural supplements like Glucosamine to encourage joint repair. I have never suffered from serious setbacks in the 12 years I have played rugby, and I have always bounced back from 'niggles' or injuries that I've picked up. However these injuries seem to be plaguing me, despite natural rehabilitation attempts.

I'm not too familiar with running Deca in a cycle, particularly for rehabilitation purposes, so I would really appreciate people's advice on whether it could help based on the description I've provided and what doses / timeframes it should be run at should I decide to go down this route.

Thanks in advance.